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Remind me again why I care?

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Death metal is best viewed "as art,"... far more violent art can be found at the Vatican..." ~George Fisher

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By day, I’m a programmer. By night, I’m an internet slactivist, asshole, redditor, etc. In my free time, I pretend to be a photographer. But really I’m just a statistical hack who sometimes gets the lucky shot. But I don’t believe in luck.

Philosophy is a hobby, and I have lots of fun debating things. Actually, that’s a lie… I just like proving people wrong. What the fuck do you care?


I’m a philosopher in my mid-tweens. I am currently attempting to publish my first book; it’s a work on procedural analytic philosophy, an exciting and rich subject to be sure. I tell people I scrub toilets as a career but my vocation is philosophy. What little free-time I have between work, family (A smokin’ hot wife and three beautiful daughters), and writing is typically spent arguing with people on the internet. My interests include such things as anarchy, philosophy, hunting, video games, technology… you know, nerdy things.